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Wa Sender Bot– Is Windows software that runs on PC, a solution to automatically send messages to your bulk customers and Groups

Bulk WhatsApp Sender​

Worth ₹1,000/-

License Key Generator​

Worth ₹3,000/-

License Key Generator

Worth ₹3,000/-

100% Agency Reselling Rights

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Source Code for WhiteLabling

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G Map Extractor

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100+ Digital Marketing Bonuses

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Complete WhatsApp Marketing Course

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Engage your prospects with ALL Media Types






Long Text Message

  • Unlimited WhatsApp Messages to Contact / Numbers

    Send messages to all contacts including contacts not saved in your address book.

  • Send Message to Groups

    Send unlimited messages to all your joined groups.

  • Message Delay Management

    Strong Delay Management to protect your whatsapp account from Ban

  • Get All Member number from any group

    Grab Group members from any group

  • Grab Group Links from web

    Grab Group all Links from any web page

  • Modern Material Design

    Latest Material UI design with easy to use interface

  • Lifetime updates

    We are keep enhancing our product and planning to intruduce cool features in future , stay with us

  • License key Manager

    This software is protected with Activation Process, You will get ‘KeyGen’ along with this app Bundle

  • Dynamic Parameterised Message Sender

    ie. ’ hi {{Name}} ’ , Your invoice no {{InvoiceNo}} is generated , Click below link to download {{InvoiceLink}}

  • Bulk Import

    Import you contact number from excel sheet

  • Standard Coding Structure

    You can Customize this tool and add your features with simple coding skills

  • Google Map Data Extractor / Scrapper

    Extract data from google map with targeted location and import extracted numbers in WaSender, Send Bulk Messages to them

  • Report

    You will get detailed report after campaign complete

  • Documentations

    Detailed documents with images (with markups) and video

  • Developer Documentations

    Detailed documents with images (with markups) and video to change Software name, logo and lot more

  • Source Code

    We provided full Source Code of this software

  • Runnable Files

    We provided Runnable files

  • 100% Resale rights

    This product is not limited to you, you can sale it to your customers on unlimited computers, Each computer will generate unique ‘KeyCode’, You as a Software owner, you can provide them ‘Activation Code’ (with date validity)

Best Selling Price ₹51000/-

Offer Price 499/- Only

Demo Videos

Best Selling Price ₹51000/-

Offer Price 499/- Only

You Need More Free Time & Better Marketing. That's why WA Sender Bot Created

Customer Reviews

Best Selling Price ₹51000/-

Offer Price 499/- Only


Warning Warning !

You agree not to use the Whatsapp Bulk Sender Tools service for spam as they are an unofficial and independent service from WhatsApp.

If I send bulk message it will not block number from whatsapp?

Hello, this is an automated tool that doesn’t use prohibited methods. Rather than opening WhatsApp and starting to manually send messages one at a time, this tool will send them one at a time automatically.

Bulk message are send also to contacts who don’t have my number in their address book?

Yes The tool sends for saved and unsaved contacts, seconds, the number of messages are unlimited

Can I send messages to Groups instead of individual numbers ?

Yes, Through chat Grabber tool, you can grab all chat list , then after you need to prepare this list and then through Group Sender you can send messages to selected Groups

Is it possible to grant licenses to my customers? How it works? What’s the license?

One license for each user

Does it work on windows 10 and 11 ?

Yes It works on Windows 8,10 and 11 You need to Install .Net framework 4.6 runtime

  • All Instructions are given in product documentations.
Is it possible to get a demo, so i can see how it works ?

We don’t have demo version right now , You can happily buy this product with no hesitate , all things are already tested OK.

Will you provide support for any issues ?

We provide self help videos and documentation! If you need personal support & Training then you have to pay $10/15 minutes

How many messages with an image could be sent per minute?

It Depends on to how many contact you are targeting. Its advisable to increase delay setting as per your contact vastness. Current default delay settings are enough for almost 200 contacts . It takes random delay from the configuration which you provide You can say if you targeting for 200 contacts, it can send 5 to 10 message per minutes

what do you mean by Runnable file?

The .exe file which can runs on windows PC

What are the requirements PC should have to run your system?

Windows 7,10,11 . ,Net Framework 4.6 , Google Chrome , Of course active internet connection

How many WhatsApp messages can I send per day? Will my number be blocked if I sent too many WhatsApp messages?

The number of messages you can send depends on how old your WhatsApp account is. If you have a new number, start by sending a small number of messages like 50 per day. Gradually increase it by around 5-10% every day and within a month you can reach up to 3000-4000 messages. WhatsApp will ban your number if you send too many spam messages. This happens if a large number of people report you as spam. So always ensure that you don’t spend spam especially from a new number.

Why wasender not support scheduling message?

Scheduling message is useless in windows software, Because at the time when message need to fire, your software must up and running and of course your pc also need to be turned on , this feature is useful for web based all where server is 24×7 running.

What are Anti-Block settings?

WaSenderBot has a list of settings that can help to send a large number of messages without getting your account blocked.

  1. With WaSenderBot , you can send multiple variants of messages in single time. For example, if you are sending messages to 1000+ numbers, you can create around 5 different variants of messages so that your messages remain different.
  2. WaSenderBot allows you to import files with variables that can help you to even further distinguish each of your messages. For example, you can import a file with a name & number and use the name to make each message unique.
  3. We provide settings like the time between messages and other advanced settings that prevent your account from getting blocked.
Does the regular license contains Key Generator ?


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